Ballet Zaida is an ongoing fine art project.

One of original ballet photography accounts on social media, Ballet Zaida brought the beauty of ballet to the masses and helped create an industry.

Ballet Zaida was created by former ballet dancer, Oliver Endahl. 

With over a decade in dance experience himself, Oliver knows the proper technique, aesthetics and also the daily ins and outs of the life of a ballet dancer.

The world of ballet is extremely unique, and having first hand experience in what dancers go through on a daily basis has helped craft and guide the project over the years.

Through the popularity of Ballet Zaida, Oliver has been hired by various companies to bring dance photography into commercial advertising. He has been hired & photographed for various companies including Etsy, Free People, Jamba Juice, and more. 

His photos have been featured in numerous publications including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle, Esquire and more.

When Ballet Zaida first launched, the world hadn't experienced a ballet photography project that showcased vivid whimsical imagery, combined with proper ballet technique. The photos of Ballet Zaida have often been described as "Invoking the feeling of dance itself."

Now a decade into Ballet Zaida, Oliver has become an icon in the dance world and the project continually creates the standard, and aesthetic, for the world of ballet on the internet.

In the past, ballet was generally only available to be seen by the wealthy. Now, by using the internet to make ballet available to everyone, Ballet Zaida has reached over a billion people, and that's just the beginning.

The purpose of Ballet Zaida is to expose the world to ballet, and to evolve the art of ballet itself.



Photo featuring Oliver Endahl partnering Elizabeth Anderson. Photo captured by Karen Anderson.


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Oliver is available for personal and commercial dance photography and video.



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