Bright, Clear & Crisp

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone! Today I want to give you guys a quick tip on how to make your Instagram photos look even better. 

For todays tip. I want to talk about making an image look "clean". 

Here is a photo my wife Nicole took of one of our cats. The cat's name is "Xyla". (Pronounced "Zy-la")

The photo was shot on Nicole's iPhone 6 Plus. (Which has an excellent camera)

Here is the shot with no filters on it. 

No Filter

Obviously it's a gorgeous shot. There's a lot of natural light. It's very soft & not too harsh. 

Now here's that same shot 2 more times. The first has the VSCO cam filter P2 on it. The second one has the VSCO cam filter A1 applied. 

VSCO Filter P2

VSCO Filter A1

Which one looks more appealing to look at for an extended period of time? Which one is "easier" to look at? I think it's the second one. The photo with the A1 filter. & Instagram generally agrees, because if you look around at the "popular" accounts on Instagram, all the users that have a lot of followers have photos that are bright, clear, & crisp. There isn't any dark colors, there generally isn't any browns, or harsh yellow tones, etc.. It's all very bright, clear & crisp

So when applying filters to your photos, I would recommend using filters that make them brighter  & clearer. Keep that in mind for every photo you post & watch your likes go up. 

Until next time,