Early Days

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, 

If you've ever wondered why the technique in the photos of Ballet Zaida looks so good, it's partly because I know what I'm looking at. I danced ballet myself for over a decade, & because of that, I know what proper ballet technique is supposed to look like.

I don't know how you could do ballet photography if you didn't know what proper ballet lines were supposed to look like. I think it would be very challenging because the line of the dancer effects the composition of the photo. 

I received the brunt of my ballet training from the San Francisco Ballet School. I started in one of their low levels & left in their highest. During my time there I was lucky & got to work with some amazing teachers & choreographers. 

I was also lucky because I met my future wife Nicole Voris there. 


We became a couple around the time I started taking ballet photos. (Which eventually lead to the creation of Ballet Zaida)

I photographed Nicole a lot. 

I also had my friends photograph us a lot. 

This next photo is of Nicole & myself sharing a kiss before my final Spring Showcase performance. (This photo was snapped on my iPhone 1, by my Sister)

Fun fact: I found this photo years later on the internet. It went viral & received hundreds of thousands of re-blogs & posts.

Nicole & I got married a little over a year ago. 

Photo Credit: Nadine Studio.

Needless to say, ballet has brought me a lot of joy. 

-Oliver Endahl