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Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, 

In July, there's a project happening with Ballet Zaida that I'm pretty excited about. It's taken a lot of hard work & time, & I'm stoked to share it with you shortly.

Before that happens though, I just wanted to say a few words about grit, & pushing yourself forward, because I think it's very important for the arts & entertainment industry. 

 I want to encourage everyone to make their own projects. Wether it be photos, videos, plays, songs, musicals, a blog, scripts, novels, a TV show, anything. I think it's super important & incredibly fulfilling for someone to undertake a creative task. 

And this is where it gets difficult though. Because it's not easy. It's hard to keep up any creative endeavor. (Ever notice how many people you know have "started a blog" or a "YouTube" channel, posted like 3 things & then stopped?)

And this is where the grit comes in, because you have to make the decision that you're going to do the harder route. When faced with a decision to do something, It's infinitely easier to do nothing. However, if you want to push yourself as an artist and as a human being, I would suggest taking the plunge, diving into whatever project interests you, and sticking with it even when it gets difficult. 

This project for July has been a lot of work. Lots of mornings waking up much earlier than I wanted to, lots of long days driving for several hours, lots things that didn't end up working out that I wanted, but it was all worth it. The outcome of the final products so far has been amazing, the people I've collaborated with have been super fun, & the things I've learned are beyond valuable. 

I look forward to seeing what you guys create.