Saturday morning beach adventure

Nicole Voris



Early on a Saturday morning we headed out.  That early there was little traffic, an unusual occurrence in Los Angeles.  

After an hour of driving through the Calabasas hills we arrived at the "hidden" beach. Hello El Matador!   It was still super foggy when we arrived around 9 am.  Hiking down a mix of steep trails and staircases we begin to see the rocks and boulders reaching out from the sand.


It was both stunning and creepy at the same time.  I couldn’t decide if it reminded more of the opening scene of a horror film or a romantic comedy.


Walking down the beach we navigated around rocks, boulders, and caves to come to our morning spot. 


In the next fifteen minutes the June gloom began to burn off revealing a new gorgeous scene.  This beach was so different from the other Los Angeles beaches I have been to.  Despite being surrounded by luxury homes, the boulders and caves block the view.  It gives you the impression that you are hundreds of miles away from civilization and only you and your fellow beach goers exist.  (The lack of Internet access probably contributes to this feeling.)

I feel lucky that I got to experience this gorgeous morning and am anxious to go back.  The ocean is healing to the soul.   If you get a chance to experience this beach try not to pass it up!!  Be sure to check the tide though, don't get stuck when it's high!