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This year I was lucky enough to FINALLY (I say finally because everyone I know has been there) visit Hawaii! All my friends would tell me it's life changing and I thought to myself "yeah, so is a bag of Hot Cheetos" but MAN they weren't lying. As soon as I stepped foot on the tiny, green saturated island of Kauai I knew it was going to be tough to get on my returning flight home. Now, the morning at LAX airport wasn't as glamorous as Hawaii. It started with me leaving my purse in a stall in the bathroom and running through the airport like a maniac trying to find it. The airport gods were on my side, I found it, and off we went!  

| Kalalu Trail |

It was only me and my boyfriend Sam on the trip so deciding on activities and places to eat was pretty easy. We booked a lot of the activities in advance since Hawaii is popular for vacationing. We made the bold decision to knock out all of our activities in the first 3 of 6 days of our stay. I say bold because it was exhausting. Fun but EXHAUSTING. We hiked, zip-lined, snorkeled, kayaked and more in the first three days. So by day four we had sunburns and blisters and cuts galore. All we wanted to do was soak in the jacuzzi like an 80 year old couple. 

My favorite thing we did on our trip was zip-line. I didn't know what to expect and that feeling of just jumping off and flying above the most gorgeous green trees was incredible and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Other than zip-lining, the food in Hawaii is super healthy and simple.They have foods that aren't so common in LA like a lot of different types of fish, papaya, lychee, coconut and more. My LEAST favorite was losing my luggage back in LA. Not to worry! It was found 24 hours later after some tears and fear of losing my favorite yoga pants.

Here are some photos of my time in Hawaii and I hope you ALL make it there once or again and again.

Why we all need a furry friend

Morgan Quinn



So people can be great, but pets are BETTER. I cannot truly say I’m a cat or dog person specifically, but I do know life is better with a creature to come home to. No I’m not talking about your uncle Larry who lives in your basement type of creature. I’m talking three pound, white, furry kitten with the perfect amount of lazy eye.

I recently moved into my first apartment this past year and it has never really felt complete. That is until about one month ago when I grasped in my hands the new love of my life. Her name is Penelope (Penny if you prefer) and she is the creature I was referring to. My life has changed immensely for the better, and here is why.

-  I’m home a lot more. Who knew being a homebody could be so much fun! Kittens and Netflix are all you need.

-  Turns out all your friends visit more.. for your kitten of course.. not you..

-  Mornings are brighter! Who doesn’t love waking up to an animal perched on your skull at 6am!

-  Need to turn the page to your book? Don’t worry your kitten will do it with their head. They will expect a good scratch in return.

-  Your Instagram posts start to get really adorable. Sometimes too adorable.



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  Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

I can’t wait to experience my life with my little Penelope by my side.