Graffiti Artist

Nicole Voris

So as I have said in previous posts,  I am not a naturally crafty person.  When I was little and we had craft time in school, I would always set out with good intentions, but this skill set did not come naturally to me.

Now that I am not longer in school and have time to craft on my own, I am slowly but surely expanding my skill set.

Now to people who regularly craft this may seen stupidly easy.  I want you to remember... 

So we have this Ikea bookcase that we've owned for years.  From a utilitarian aspect it serves us well,  but it wasn't quite vibing the way I wanted it to.

Thanks to Pinterest and Apartment Therapy I have learned that painting is "cheap and easy" and "totally changes a room."  Oliver and I have previously painted our apartment.  I would not classify it as cheap and easy, but it did totally change the room.

Back to the bookcase. I had been wanting to paint it either black or white, but because it was laminate I knew that it could potentially be difficult/not look very good.  I'd have to sand, prime, then paint!  Way too many steps for me.

Then browsing Pinterest one day the solution came to me.  I would spray paint it!!!!  So this past weekend I set out to do just that.  We went to the hardware store and I settled on white paint because I make quick decisions when presented with buying something.

We brought it home and I got to work.  I laid out a tarp and the cabinet on our patio.




I first started with the shelves.  It took me a bit to get the technique down.  I had read this, and you will read it too, but it's definitely a learn from experience type thing.  The key is keeping the can moving and not letting it paint the same area for too long.  It also works better to do two to three coats instead of one thick coat.  The same rules as painting your nails.  A rule I often ignore as I slather on a thick coat of nail polish all over my hands.

I used 6 of these cans.

I used 6 of these cans.

This project was presented to me as only taking a few hours.  I would say that my actual painting time was an hour and a half, but the project took all day.  I would do a coat of paint, then let it dry for an hour, do a coat, then let it dry.  I would suggest doing this on a chore day. Do laundry, make lunch, watch Gilmore girls.

One of my neighbors asked me if was a graffiti artist.  Clearly, I've found my new calling.

Protect your eyes and lungs!!

Protect your eyes and lungs!!

I let the paint dry overnight then brought it in.  We originally were planning on putting the bookcase in the living room, but it wasn't vibing well with our couch.  Honestly, black would have probably worked better there....

So, instead we ended up moving it into our bedroom and using it for shoe storage.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and how we ended up using it.  Onward and Upward, time for more crafts!  Next time I'll try painting our doors.