Me Undies

Morgan Quinn

I recently shot with one of my good friends Sami Drasin who is tremendously talented and creative. I've shot with Sami a few times whether it be for fun or for a company. This last shoot was for Me Undies which is an underwear company with the coziest, cutest undies and a few other very comfortable items. It was a particularly fun shoot experience because it was a group of us, simply having a good time. Holiday decor and champagne were involved. Confetti and cut out snowflakes flew in the air as Sami snapped away. 

Another reason I loved this shoot was because I was physically in my natural habitat. Curly hair, gap out and dancing in my undies.


If you want to see more photos from the shoot you can check out Samis Instagram @Samidrasin and mine as well @morganjeanquin

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Photo Lesson with Stephen

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, 

Being a photographer, sometimes I give lessons to my friends & teach them how to shoot using a DSLR camera. Recently I've been teaching my friend Stephen Jacobsen.

It's fun to teach someone photo techniques about how to manually control the light, & it's also good because during the lesson I'm the model. I think it's healthy to be on the other side of the camera once in a while to remind yourself what it's like. 

Here's a few of my favorite photos we captured around Hollywood the other day. (These shots were taken by Stephen & edited by myself) 

#TheDrama #CasualAppleWatch

#TheStars #Hollywood



That last one of my bag I requested Stephen get a shot of. I recently designed my new camera bag from the Timbuk2 website & am stoked with the results. (& I can fit both my camera's, 3 lenses & a bounce flash in there)  

Stephen has a great eye for photos & improves every time we shoot.

Stay tuned for more,


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Creative Process

Oliver Endahl

Today I want to talk about what I call "The Creative Process". 

I talk to many people, and a lot of them have creative ideas. For example, let's use writing & photography as creative ideas. A lot of the time I'll ask people if they have ideas pertaining to their hobby of writing or photography, and of course they do. Some people will want to write a book, or a screen play, & some people will want to do a photoshoot with a concept they've recently thought of. However a lot of people never act on these ideas. 

The reason for this is because they think they need to have the whole idea mapped out ahead of time. They need to feel they understand the idea completely, & from my experience, it's almost the exact opposite. 

When doing something creative, I find it's always best to just start. Once you have an idea for a novel, just start writing it. You can write any scene from the novel, it doesn't need to be in the correct order. Or if you have an idea for a photoshoot, don't wait a few months and try to plot it out 100%, get some people together and try the concept as soon as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect. Once you start writing or photographing, you're going to learn at a rapid pace and quickly figure out what's working with the idea, and what's not working. 

When I started Ballet Zaida I only knew that I wanted to spread the word about ballet and that I wanted to use photography and the internet to do it. I wasn't even aware that Instagram would be Zaida's first source of popularity. I began the project using only Facebook. (Instagram was either brand new, or hadn't even come out yet at the time.) It was through trial and error and just attacking idea after idea to figure out, not only what was the best way to run a photoshoot, but also the best way to post the photos to the internet, so they would be seen by the maximum amount of people. 

This process continues on forever. So if you have a creative idea, go after it. I bet you'll be surprised with the results. 


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Early Days

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, 

If you've ever wondered why the technique in the photos of Ballet Zaida looks so good, it's partly because I know what I'm looking at. I danced ballet myself for over a decade, & because of that, I know what proper ballet technique is supposed to look like.

I don't know how you could do ballet photography if you didn't know what proper ballet lines were supposed to look like. I think it would be very challenging because the line of the dancer effects the composition of the photo. 

I received the brunt of my ballet training from the San Francisco Ballet School. I started in one of their low levels & left in their highest. During my time there I was lucky & got to work with some amazing teachers & choreographers. 

I was also lucky because I met my future wife Nicole Voris there. 


We became a couple around the time I started taking ballet photos. (Which eventually lead to the creation of Ballet Zaida)

I photographed Nicole a lot. 

I also had my friends photograph us a lot. 

This next photo is of Nicole & myself sharing a kiss before my final Spring Showcase performance. (This photo was snapped on my iPhone 1, by my Sister)

Fun fact: I found this photo years later on the internet. It went viral & received hundreds of thousands of re-blogs & posts.

Nicole & I got married a little over a year ago. 

Photo Credit: Nadine Studio.

Needless to say, ballet has brought me a lot of joy. 

-Oliver Endahl