me undies

Me Undies

Morgan Quinn

I recently shot with one of my good friends Sami Drasin who is tremendously talented and creative. I've shot with Sami a few times whether it be for fun or for a company. This last shoot was for Me Undies which is an underwear company with the coziest, cutest undies and a few other very comfortable items. It was a particularly fun shoot experience because it was a group of us, simply having a good time. Holiday decor and champagne were involved. Confetti and cut out snowflakes flew in the air as Sami snapped away. 

Another reason I loved this shoot was because I was physically in my natural habitat. Curly hair, gap out and dancing in my undies.


If you want to see more photos from the shoot you can check out Samis Instagram @Samidrasin and mine as well @morganjeanquin

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