Cibo's Pizza

Alanna Christina


One of my favorite places in dine out in Phoenix is Cibo’s.

Quaint and eclectic, Cibo’s is in a 1913 bungalow filled with charm and twinkling lights. The whole house and yard makes me feel like I’ve been transported out of the hot Arizona desert and fills me with happiness. 

Cibo’s food is truly outstanding, from salads to pastas to pizzas you’ll find something you enjoy. Personally I’d suggest going here if you’re Gluten Free as they have one of the best Gluten Free pizzas. Seriously though, like we expected anything else other than amazing pizza options from Cibo’s. 

Just. Look. At. That. Beauty.

Told you they had twinkly lights.

If you’re looking for a place to take your gf/bf, or your group of friends next time you want pizza, check out Cibo and eat your heart out in the cutest house ever.

You're welcome.