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This blog is dedicated to one of the many resolutions I have for 2016. Keep in mind I'm not too
serious about New Years resolutions only because I don't think you should wait till January to be  disciplined or start something you've always wanted to start. So all of mine are more silly and easy going. 

I was shuffling through some old photos and found a few of me from when I was probably three looking fabulous as ever. Amazing dresses, big hats, heels. As a dancer and yogi I usually
spend my life in yoga pants and sports bras, (which I love) but it would be nice to throw on some stylish clothes and feel like my fabulous three old self a few times a week. Now obviously my mom was responsible for my chic style back then but seeing these photos made me realize how fun it is to dress up.

I love a good vintage 20s or 70s look. Both great times for fashion. Twenties you had beautiful knee length dresses that were embroidered or dripping with jewels with sleek hair. Seventies you have a very tailored look. Maybe an amazing blouse with the perfect fitting flowing pant and luscious hair. 

Comment below and tell me your favorite things to wear, and what era of fashion you love. 

Tag me on Instagram @morganjeanquinn in your favorite outfit pictures so I can get inspired!

Wedding style

Nicole Voris

Oliver and I recently attended the wedding of two of our friends from our San Francisco Ballet School Days.  We have known them both apart and together.  It has been great to see their relationship grow and to be present at their special day!!  Congratulations Jordan Hammond and Ray Tilton!!

Because I love getting dressed up, one of my favorite parts of preparing for a wedding is deciding what to wear.   I of course try to fit into the couple's requested dress code as well as what I perceive their theme/venue to be.

I knew that Jordan and Ray's ceremony and reception would be all indoors.  I gathered from their invitations and the venues that they had chosen very classic and elegant style for their big day.  I ended up being spot on.  Here's a picture of the reception when we walked in.  The bar to the left is all white marble!  A shared love of both Jordan and I!

Because I always feel the need to be a little bit different, I decided that I would do my own take on the little black dress by wearing my little black jumpsuit.  In the excitement of the day I forgot to take full length photo of myself, but here is a picture of me in the jumpsuit. 


I wore plain diamond stud earring and black pumps.  I also had a black blazer because even in the summer San Francisco can be cold!! 

Oliver and I had such a great time catching up with old friends from our school days and seeing our dear friends get married.  Here we are proving that our wedding selfie game is strong.

Congratulations Ray and Jordan! We wish you a wonderful marriage!

Photo by Josh Gruetzmacher

Photo by Josh Gruetzmacher