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My top 3 coffee spots in Arizona

Alanna Christina

If you follow my Instagram it’s pretty clear that I love a good cup of coffee, it’s something that to me is a simple pleasure in life. If you ask my friends they’d  probably say how I get “overly excited” about coffee. (pshhh! No such thing as overly excited about coffee.) I also look for unique atmospheres of different coffee shops, I love going to places that have a special vibe all their own. To me, coffee shops are the place you go to hangout, read, work or just take a break from life and people watch. I’ll be sharing my top three favorite coffee shops in Arizona and the reasons behind them being so spectacular, and in no particular order as you’ll soon find out. To me, each shop is a special and unique gem of it’s own kind.

Starting with Echo Coffee in Scottsdale, AZ.

What’s right away a cool thing about Echo is that they are an organic coffee shop, pretty sweet right? They give off a relaxed vibe, playing great music that isn’t overly loud, and have friendly barista’s. Mainly the shop is filled with young professionals either quietly chatting or working/studying with books and laptops astray.

I seriously suggest trying there Dirty Chai. It’s my personal favorite from them.

Next up is Gold Bar Espresso in Tempe, AZ.

Gold Bar is sorta a dreamy neighborhood hangout spot, it’s my typical to go coffee and gathering place. Right away when you walk in you get the feeling of a quaint coffee shop, the owners and baristas are super sweet and always down for a chat. 

Depending on the time of day you go, Gold Bar is either filled with groups of friends, students studying (it’s literally surrounding by Schools) or old and young people alike just enjoying a cup of coffee and reading. Something I seriously adore about them is that they have game nights and live jazz once a week. 


Last up is Lux Central in Phoenix.

Lux has a magical-hiperstry-city-vibe to it, nothing beats the atmosphere they have going on. They have multiple rooms with tables and chairs to couches and arm chairs, filled with loads unique and awesome people.

Not only does Lux have amazing coffee and pastry’s, but they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have a bar. So basically they have something for everyone. 

My personal favorite thing about Lux, their hours are unbeatable. Sundays-Thursdays they’re open from 6am-12am, and Fridays-Saturdays, 6am-2am.

So if you live in PHX, or your stopping on through, check out these places and drink some coffee loves. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.