cat grass

Cat Heaven

Nicole Voris

Recently we have been working on making our patio nice.  We added a table and chairs, a bench, a barbecue, and lots of plants.  Being the crazy cat people that we are we decided we wanted to do something nice for Xyla and Sochi.  We found this beautiful great big blue pot and filled it with soil and cat grass seeds.  We luckily got a great big rain the next day and within a few days we had a full pot of grass.  We planted it lower in the pot so the cats could be in the pot while they enjoyed the grass.

When the grass was long enough we introduced the cats to it.  We got their harnesses and leashes on and ventured outside.  Xyla was not feeling it.  She would much rather walk up and down the sidewalk exploring the neighborhood.  Sochi though,  Sochi loved it!

We went to town munching on it and loved having the scent on him.  Sochi loves plants and we are constantly trying to keep him from eating plants that aren't good for him.  I think he was really excited to finally be allowed to eat his favorite snack.  I'm proud of our crazy cat people project. 

*Update - We went for another cat walk a few days after I wrote this.  Xyla decided she did in fact enjoy lounging in the grass.