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Short trip to San Francisco Packing List

Nicole Voris

I pride myself on being a light packer.  I try to make it a game with myself to see how efficiently I can pack without missing anything I need.  With ballet though sometimes it feels like I need to pack two wardrobes, one for the studio and one for the street.

Here is what I brought:

Here’s what’s on the packing list.

Dance clothes:

  • 2 Ballet Zaida Leotards
  • 1 pair of black tights
  • 1 pair of bootie shorts
  • 1 theraband
  • 1 tennis ball
  • 1 pair of warm up pants
  • 1 pair of legwarmers
  • 1 pair of pointe shoes in good condition (to last through two classes)
  • 1 pair of flat shoes
  • 1 set of toe pads/toe spacers (not shown)
  • 1 black sweater that I will also wear as “street clothes”
  • 1 bag to use as my dance bag (I chose my favorite giraffe print bag that my mom got for me)

Regular clothes list:

  • 1 black sweater (same sweater from dance clothes list)
  • 1 pair of black jeans
  • 1 pair of black leggings
  • 3 shirts (one crop top, one turtle neck long sleeve, and one white blouse)
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • 2 socks
  • 1 bra
  • 1 set of warm pajamas
  • 1 leather jacket (San Francisco can be cold all year round)
  • 1 pair of flats
  • 1 pair of ankle boots


  • My cross body bag that I will use as a purse
  • A tripod for my iphone
  • Cosmetics/toiletry bag
  • My reusable water bottle

Electronics (not shown above)

  • Iphone 6 plus
  • Ipad Mini
  • Charger
  • Headphones
  • My reusable water bottle


When making my packing list I try to choose clothes that go well together and are in the same color pallet.  I chose to go with mostly blacks and whites so that I could mix and match.  I also chose shirts that are easy to wash in the sink and that dry quickly.  My brown jacket isn’t in the white and black family, but I don’t have a problem wearing brown and black together, I personally find it aesthetically pleasing. :)

How did I pack it?  I have recently switched to using a travel backpack.  I use an Ebags weekend mother loader.  It has a ton of pockets, can pack a lot, fits my frame, and gives me much more freedom when traveling.

I packed all of my clothes and toiletries in the main pocket for convenience.  It’s easier for me if everything is together.  There is a center divider so I packed all of the dance clothes on the left and the regular clothes on the right.

I didn’t pack my boots, leather jacket, or leggings because I will wear them on the drive up.

In the back pocket regularly reserved for a laptop I packed my dance bag.

In one of the front pockets I took advantage of the organization system to pack my electronics.

I also packed my purse in that pocket so I would only have to worry about carrying my backpack when we get to our destination.

Fully packed!  I still have tons of room in the backpack and could probably fit twice as much! San Francisco, here we come!

Day trip to Muir Woods

Nicole Voris


I fully admit to the fact that I am a city girl.  I love leaving my front steps and walking just a few blocks to my favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and theaters.  Having grown up in the country though, I still love my escapes to the great outdoors.


On a recent trip to San Francisco we had a free day to do as we pleased.  I had never made it out to the beautiful Muir Woods despite having lived in the bay area for 3+ years.  The day we went was surprisingly warm, a rarity for the bay area.  The gorgeous centuries old trees provided us a stunning cover though.  We ventured off the boardwalk and onto one of the parks beautiful winding trails.  It was a perfect days escape from the city! And just look at those trees!!

If you ever make a trip out here remember to bring water and snacks.  Also try to take the shuttle instead of driving! Parking is a mess! Enjoy the ride instead of worrying about getting there! 


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A Spring Day in the Country

Sasha De Sola

Anyone who knows me well knows that one of my favorite pastimes is visiting gorgeous gardens and estates. One of my favorites is just about forty minutes south of San Francisco in Woodside, California. Nestled on the eastern slope of the Santa Cruz mountains, the Filoli estate and gardens is on the National Register of Historic Places and is open to the public. I spent a lovely afternoon there last weekend and it was such a nice way to unwind and bask in the warmth of the sun. Its all about the simple pleasures, right?!?

 The entry to the home is surrounded by large trees and lush greenery. Chirping birds create quite the atmosphere!

 Built between 1915 and 1917, Filoli still boasts classic elegance and an incredible vintage feel. The kitchen is even armed with a walk-in safe!

 However, my absolute favorite part about Filoli is definitely the gardens that are currently in bloom!

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Found: a cool spot in the gentle shade of blooming flowers.


Im so grateful to live in an area where it is so easy to escape the city and find an oasis amongst the trees. Im
 looking forward to my next adventure!