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Ballet Zaida Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello dedicated fans!  The holidays are coming up and it can be hard to find gifts for the loved ones in your life.  If you or they are a fan of Ballet Zaida though, we recommend browsing our merchandise!

I'd like to mention that we take great pride in the products we sell.  We make sure they are nice quality and of course follow the high standard of aesthetic Ballet Zaida tries to uphold.  

Ballet Zaida distributes all the art we create for free.  We believe that art is an important part of the human experience.  We want people all over the world to be able to share and participate in the photos and films we put out.

We are an art organization and our photoshoots and films do not come without cost.  A great and easy way to support us is to purchase some merchandise.  The proceeds will help us with a lot of great projects we have planned for 2016! Plus they're also super cool and nice! It's a win win!!

We have sold Ballet Zaida Calendars for the last few years.  They have been super popular each year.  We get compliments all the time on them!  It's like having Instagram on your wall!

You can purchase it here : Ballet Zaida 2016 Calendar


The Ballet Zaida leotards are great!  Having our own leotard line has been a goal for a few years.  It was super important to us that the leotards would be cute, flattering, and really great quality.  We were super lucky to meet Melissa of The Dancewear Project.  These leotards are really nice.  You can check out the four Ballet Zaida leotards here: Ballet Zaida Leotards

Finally our flow neck t-shirt.  We love this shirt! It's super cute and stylish.  You can wear it for ballet class or as part of a street outfit. You can buy it here:  Ballet Zaida Flow Neck Shirt

Thanks again for supporting us in any way you can! If you give or receive any of our merchandise for the holidays let us know!  We'd love to see you!