Photo Process

Long Exposures

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone,

Today I want to share some photos from a recent shoot I did using a long exposure concept.

A long exposure is generally when you leave the shutter open on the camera for several seconds, which lets light be captured for an extended period of time, & can create a transparent looking image.

The dancers featured in this series are Andie Bartol & Affinity Morgan Quinn. 

Andie Bartol.

Andie Bartol.

Morgan Quinn.

Andie Bartol.

I've experimented with the long exposure concept before, but never with just the feet in pointe shoes, on a backdrop like this. 

To achieve this, I had a flash positioned to the dancer's left, which went off at the start of the photo process. The dancer would then move for 8 seconds as we "painted" the feet with a laser light I had placed to the dancer's right.

I wasn't sure how this concept would turn out, but I think the results are interesting & I hope you do too. I'll definitely be  experimenting more with this approach in the future. 


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