Oliver Endahl

Ballet Zaida igers March 5th 2016

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone,

Today I want to feature three of my recent favorite shots I found on the #BalletZaidaigers Instagram hashtag.

First up, photographer @Nicole_Marcelli 's photo of ballerina @JennaCarara

Great composition from Nicole & a lovely line from Jenna. 

Next up is @Nenetoile

I enjoy the colors, the movement in the hair, & also the leg position. 

& last for today we have dancer @jadyn_taylor99 with photography from @brittnischroederphoto

Great lighting from Brittni & a nice pose & expression from Jadyn. 

Keep the photos coming & I'll feature my favorites here on the blog! Use the hashtag #BalletZaidaigers

Until next time,


Holiday lights

Oliver Endahl

This past Sunday we attended the Zoo Lights show in Phoenix  


I always enjoy going to Zoo botanical gardens that are decked out with holiday lights. On top of it being a good time to hang out with the people I'm with, it's inspiring to see all the different, creative ways the lights are being used. 



I'm a huge believer that you can be inspired anywhere, & by anything. Sometimes I meet people & they feel they can only be fans of things that are regarded as "very high works of art". Just because something has critical acclaim, doesn't make it the only thing you should enrich your life with. I love a good art house movie, but I also love a good action movie. I think it's very limiting to impose restrictions of what you can & can't enjoy. "Art" isn't just paintings that hang in galleries for wealthy people to admire, art is anything & everything.

People don't often associate it, but all movies, all music, all books & all photographs are art. Even the software on your iPhone is art. (Not to mention, the iPhone itself) 

There were several times I would be walking through the zoo lights show that is decked out with various LED monkeys, tigers & penguins, & have a thought like, "The way those lights are laid out below that dancing penguin looks really nice. I wonder if I could try a lighting set up like that" 

So if in the future you see a photo of an incredibly graceful, ethereal looking ballerina, standing on white lights laid out in a fashion that resembles snow, you'll know it was inspired by a group of happy looking electronic penguins from the Zoo Lights Show in Phoenix.




Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, today's post is for the dancers who follow Ballet Zaida. 

If you follow Ballet Zaida on social media, you'll see some of the same poses pop up from time to time. One of the things I find most interesting about dance is that you can do the same pose, but every dancer does it a little differently, & every location changes the dynamic of it. 

Let's use this move. I like to call it the "falling" pose. (It's a turned in 6th position falling over the boxes of your shoes, with your arms behind you) 

Here's a photo of dancer Emily Cairns on the cover of the 2016 Ballet Zaida Calendar. 

& here's that same pose featured in 3 other Ballet Zaida photos.

Dancer - Lacey Escabar. 

Dancer - Andie Bartol. Mural - Retna. 

Dancer - Precious Gilbert. Wearing - The Dancewear Project leotard.

Ballet is a language. It has a vocabulary of moves that define it. It's interesting to see how everyone makes each pose their own, & also how the pose changes depending on the environment it's done in. 

I want to see your take on this pose. Take a photo of yourself in this "falling" pose, post it on Instagram & use the hashtag #BalletZaidaigers

(Be sure to be careful. This pose can be done in pointe shoes, flat shoes, or even barefoot. Don't do more than you're ready for.) 

I'll personally look through all the photos & feature my favorites on the blog either next week, or the week after. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!