Mind The Gap

Morgan Quinn


When you think of me Morgan Quinn, as a person, a few things probably come to mind. A doorway, a football post, SpongeBob SquarePants perhaps. Why you ask? The gap in my teeth! I guess you could say it's my thing. Maybe my own personal little trademark. Most people don't know it but, I have a lot of history with that there gap of mine. Here are a few facts.

•   My dad and two brothers have gaps.

My dad has a marvelous gap which he oh so obviously passed down to myself and my two brothers, ages 4 and 24! Strong gap genes!

•   My gap was completely closed at one point.

I got braces when I was 14 and hated them. Mostly because of the dreaded check ups when they would tighten them leaving you in the worst pain ever. Not to mention the awful assortment of colorful rubber bands they'd let you choose to make you feel special. Eventually my gap closed and by 17 I was a "normal" person! Imagine that! Wear that retainer every night for a year they said! And those teeth will set and be perfect! Ha. By 18 I figured it was time to ditch the retainer. When I stopped, my two front teeth would slightly open and I would panic and throw the retainer back on. I even went to the orthodontist and told them my gap was opening so they put these extra metal parts on my retainer to really push it shut. I was keeping an eye on it up until about two years ago. It was opening more and more and I would get compliments from people and started to feel more confident and okay with it. Now I'm almost 23 and I believe it is at its most open and happy. It really wanted to show me who was boss.

•   My gap weirdly books me jobs.

Another reason why I let me gap take control again is because I seemed to have been booking a lot more jobs. I was lucky enough to book a national commercial literally based on my gap. (Video Below!) Also, modeling jobs really dig it. Whenever I try to smile with my mouth closed they ask me to slightly open so they can see my gap.. So umm. Thanks gap?

   I can fit many items though my gap.

I can fit straws, bobby pins, knives.. Plastic you crazy person! Sheesh! Much much more.. Cool..

I used to be so insecure about my gap but as you get older you come to realize that you don't have to worry about what other people think. You should be happy and own what makes you different. I would LOVE to read what makes you unique! Comment below!