Joey Contreras

Joey Contreras - Replay

This week we have guest contributor Joey Contreras!  He is the awesome composer behind the music for our new film Replay.  You can learn more about him on our Composers Page.   To follow his career and check out some of his music visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook pages! 

Photo by Aesthete and Derive

Photo by Aesthete and Derive

Joey Contreras


REPLAY is a track I co-wrote with Chris Abell. Prior to this, we had worked on a lot of my contemporary musical theatre material, so when Ballet Zaida approached us to craft a song for a film project, we jumped on the opportunity to really sonically dive into something new. We started with a lot of palette building - auditioning synths, bass lines, rhythms - until we locked into something that inspired us not only to keep going and write lyrics, but also could live in a physical dance world. The moment Chris suggested the lyric - "You said you'd walk away from me" - I knew the vibe and the story immediately.

REPLAY represents the many colors of addiction. I wanted the music to ebb and flow through all those dynamics: The cold, the dark, the sensual, the patterns. I'm proud of it and very happy that Ballet Zaida provided a jumping off point for this musical and visual exploration.

Keep checking in to learn more about the piece and find out the release date!

New Zaida Film

Nicole Voris

Exciting things are happening at Ballet Zaida!  We are finally close to filming a new Zaida film!!  The lovely Michelle Thompson is choreographing and the music is by Joey Contreras!  This is Michelle's third film with us, she also choreographed Rem and Nesoi. This film has been a long time in the making and we are so excited to bring it to you!

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Be sure to check back in to learn more about the piece, to see behind the scenes, and to find out when we'll release it!

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