The Happiest Place on Earth

Morgan Quinn

Did you just burst with joy from reading this title? I sure did and I'm the one writing it. If you know me or follow me on Instagram you probably know I'm a Disney lover. If you are a human with a soul, YOU are probably a Disney lover. I've had a pass to Disneyland for two years now and have been many times prior to the pass. Most of my friends have passes which makes it an even better experience. My favorite ride in Disneyland is hands down Indiana Jones. I always wait for the front and lead my car as if we are actually in great danger. Maybe we are in danger who REALLY knows. My favorite ride in California Adventure is The Hollywood Tower of Terror because it makes me laugh till I cry and my boyfriends face is priceless.

I want to know what your favorite rides are and if you have a pass or are a Disney lover!!