Day trip to Muir Woods

Nicole Voris


I fully admit to the fact that I am a city girl.  I love leaving my front steps and walking just a few blocks to my favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and theaters.  Having grown up in the country though, I still love my escapes to the great outdoors.


On a recent trip to San Francisco we had a free day to do as we pleased.  I had never made it out to the beautiful Muir Woods despite having lived in the bay area for 3+ years.  The day we went was surprisingly warm, a rarity for the bay area.  The gorgeous centuries old trees provided us a stunning cover though.  We ventured off the boardwalk and onto one of the parks beautiful winding trails.  It was a perfect days escape from the city! And just look at those trees!!

If you ever make a trip out here remember to bring water and snacks.  Also try to take the shuttle instead of driving! Parking is a mess! Enjoy the ride instead of worrying about getting there! 


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