MOQI - The British Shorthair Kitten

Jeanette Kakareka

I recently got a little kitten with my boyfriend. We named him Moqi 墨奇, meaning "curious" in Chinese. He is a blue British shorthair and he is just the sweetest.

He is used to being handled so he has been friendly since day one and is settling in nicely.

For fun he likes to wedge himself into small places.

And jump up into the little window above his bed.

He is still on the hunt for the elusive red dot. He will try again tomorrow.

We recently set him up an Instagram @moqi0518

Cat Heaven

Nicole Voris

Recently we have been working on making our patio nice.  We added a table and chairs, a bench, a barbecue, and lots of plants.  Being the crazy cat people that we are we decided we wanted to do something nice for Xyla and Sochi.  We found this beautiful great big blue pot and filled it with soil and cat grass seeds.  We luckily got a great big rain the next day and within a few days we had a full pot of grass.  We planted it lower in the pot so the cats could be in the pot while they enjoyed the grass.

When the grass was long enough we introduced the cats to it.  We got their harnesses and leashes on and ventured outside.  Xyla was not feeling it.  She would much rather walk up and down the sidewalk exploring the neighborhood.  Sochi though,  Sochi loved it!

We went to town munching on it and loved having the scent on him.  Sochi loves plants and we are constantly trying to keep him from eating plants that aren't good for him.  I think he was really excited to finally be allowed to eat his favorite snack.  I'm proud of our crazy cat people project. 

*Update - We went for another cat walk a few days after I wrote this.  Xyla decided she did in fact enjoy lounging in the grass.

Friendship Goals

Nicole Voris

I've written about Oliver and my two cats before.  You can read that here.

Xyla and Sochi have been close for about the last year and half.  When we first brought Sochi home Xyla was not sure about this new kid, but she was never aggressive or didn't include him.

In the summer of 2014 though we took an extended few month road trip with the cats.  We stayed in many a friend's and family member's place, airbnbs, and hotels before we settled in Los Angeles. During that summer they bonded hardcore and became best buds.

In the last few weeks though they have reached a new level of friendship. Oliver and I have clearly become second favorites in our cat's worlds.

Below are some photos to illustrate my point. 

They know how to pose for a camera

They know how to pose for a camera

I can't

I can't

OMG Sochi is using Xyla as a pillow!

OMG Sochi is using Xyla as a pillow!

They're making a heart

They're making a heart

Action cleaning

Action cleaning

Finally the love

Finally the love

All of these photos were taken over the course of 3 hours.  I am so happy that they are such good buddies.  Cats do not always bond like this, but we are lucky that they did. In conclusion I am obsessed with our kitties and #friendshipgoals.

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Bright, Clear & Crisp

Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone! Today I want to give you guys a quick tip on how to make your Instagram photos look even better. 

For todays tip. I want to talk about making an image look "clean". 

Here is a photo my wife Nicole took of one of our cats. The cat's name is "Xyla". (Pronounced "Zy-la")

The photo was shot on Nicole's iPhone 6 Plus. (Which has an excellent camera)

Here is the shot with no filters on it. 

No Filter

Obviously it's a gorgeous shot. There's a lot of natural light. It's very soft & not too harsh. 

Now here's that same shot 2 more times. The first has the VSCO cam filter P2 on it. The second one has the VSCO cam filter A1 applied. 

VSCO Filter P2

VSCO Filter A1

Which one looks more appealing to look at for an extended period of time? Which one is "easier" to look at? I think it's the second one. The photo with the A1 filter. & Instagram generally agrees, because if you look around at the "popular" accounts on Instagram, all the users that have a lot of followers have photos that are bright, clear, & crisp. There isn't any dark colors, there generally isn't any browns, or harsh yellow tones, etc.. It's all very bright, clear & crisp

So when applying filters to your photos, I would recommend using filters that make them brighter  & clearer. Keep that in mind for every photo you post & watch your likes go up. 

Until next time, 


Sochi and Xyla!

Nicole Voris

Have you met Sochi and Xyla?  If you are following Oliver or me on Instagram I'm sure you've seen how much we love our cats.  They've moved across the country with us, traveled with us, and been by our sides on good days and bad.  

We adopted Xyla from Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation in 2009.  She's a long hair orange tabby with the longest whiskers and fluffiest tale.  She's ridden on Bart, in cars, and on airplanes.  She's lived in 5 different states and been on countless road trips.  She's a trooper.  She loves to go outside, so we take her on kitty walks on a leash a few times a week.

Sochi's official name is Pumpernickel.  We adopted him from Austin Pet's Alive in 2013.  He had some health issues when we first got him (which cleared up with treatment).  We had to give him medicine a few times a day and had to go to the vet once a week.  He was such a trooper and would "make bread" whenever we had to give him the medicine. We felt the bread name the shelter gave him was appropriate.  A few months later though, the winter Olympics started. One night Oliver accidentally called him Sochi.  Since he's a Russian Blue we felt it was appropriate! It's been his unofficial name ever since.  Sochi love to hide and jump out and scare you.  He also loves playing in the sheets!

Despite their 4 year age difference, Xyla and Sochi are best friends.  They love to snuggle all day and play all night.  To Keep Up With the Kitties,  Follow Oliver and I on Instagram! @nicolevoris @oliverendahl