Falling Instagram Pose

Oliver Endahl

Last week I discussed the "falling pose" & how I wanted to see your versions of it, & you guys delivered! 

Here are 4 of my favorite "falling" shots from this past week. 

Dancer - WinkTwinkleShine Photographer - Joel Hawkins

Dancer - @Ev_Vaah

Dancer - @J_Carara Photographer - @Nicole_Marcelli

Dancer - @2Pointe0 Photographer - CMYK Photography 

I always enjoy going through the #BalletZaidaigers hashtag on Instagram & seeing dancers from all over the world. Dance really is a universal language that we all speak. 



Oliver Endahl

Hey everyone, today's post is for the dancers who follow Ballet Zaida. 

If you follow Ballet Zaida on social media, you'll see some of the same poses pop up from time to time. One of the things I find most interesting about dance is that you can do the same pose, but every dancer does it a little differently, & every location changes the dynamic of it. 

Let's use this move. I like to call it the "falling" pose. (It's a turned in 6th position falling over the boxes of your shoes, with your arms behind you) 

Here's a photo of dancer Emily Cairns on the cover of the 2016 Ballet Zaida Calendar. 

& here's that same pose featured in 3 other Ballet Zaida photos.

Dancer - Lacey Escabar. 

Dancer - Andie Bartol. Mural - Retna. 

Dancer - Precious Gilbert. Wearing - The Dancewear Project leotard.

Ballet is a language. It has a vocabulary of moves that define it. It's interesting to see how everyone makes each pose their own, & also how the pose changes depending on the environment it's done in. 

I want to see your take on this pose. Take a photo of yourself in this "falling" pose, post it on Instagram & use the hashtag #BalletZaidaigers

(Be sure to be careful. This pose can be done in pointe shoes, flat shoes, or even barefoot. Don't do more than you're ready for.) 

I'll personally look through all the photos & feature my favorites on the blog either next week, or the week after. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!