Phone Cases

Hey everyone,

Today I just wanted to share a quick note & let you know that Ballet Zaida Phone Cases are now available!

You can check out the first batch of available images right here. 

I'm very excited about these. Phones have become such a personal item, they represent & hold a piece of our identity. So I thought it would be really cool to have a phone case that shares an image from Ballet Zaida. 

My wife Nicole & I have been using them for a while now, & they look great. The colors really pop off the case. 

And the image wraps around so you get the big picture.


More images from Ballet Zaida will become phone cases in the future. 

The phone cases are currently available for all the most popular phones. (iPhones & Androids) After you select the image you want, you can select the model & size that fits your phone.

I'd love to know what images you guys think should be phone cases. Let me know by tagging Zaida in a photo on Instagram & say in the caption you think it would be cool as a phone case.