Nicole Voris

The latest film will be called "Replay."  The song was composed by Joey Contreras and the piece was choreographed by Michelle Thompson. You can learn more about them on our film page

They will both be writing blog posts about the piece before we release it. Check back in here to learn more about it.

So even though this is the latest film we have put together, it was actually one of the first films we started working on.  Back in 2013, Michelle and I started working on some material.  We decided it would work well with this new song Joey had sent us.  We were really excited to put it together, but we were on a bit of a time limit.  Michelle was pregnant with her second son at the time and we wanted to finish it before she had her new baby.

Meet Oxford.  He is now 2. 


We actually did get to film the material before Oxford was born. Unfortunately we didn't feel like the footage we got was good enough.  It was a very difficult decision for us because Steven Myers had done some incredible lighting in one of the Ballet Austin studios.  It just didn't feel like the piece was finished yet.

Here are some photos from that filming. I'm glad we can still at least share some photos from that day and the amazing lighting!



Last year we finally decided it was time to re film the footage.  At the wedding of mutual dancer friends, we and Michelle met someone who had recently worked at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle.  We felt really drawn to the space and decided this was the place. We also decided to add a corps and change the color scheme.

Over the course of the last few months I have been rehearsing the material, sending footage to Michelle, and she has been responding with notes.  She also created new choreography that we sent to the corps so they'd be familiar before we arrived.

In January we flew up from Los Angeles and Michelle flew over from Manhattan and we met with three lovely ladies who live and work in Seattle.  We really appreciate the time and hard work of Erin Crall, Alice Cao, and Imana Gunawan.  We rehearsed Friday and filmed Saturday.  I'm so excited to share this wonderful work with you.  We are very passionate about our films and distributing them to the world.  Please like and share to help us reach as many people around the world as possible.

Projects you care about are important.  Even if it takes years.  Since the time we started this project Oxford was born, Oliver and I got married, we moved to Los Angeles, and Michelle and her family moved to New York. The piece was really good two years ago, but here two years later, with such much personal growth among us, I think it is incredible.  I hope you enjoy watching it!