Ballet Zaida Blog

Welcome to the Ballet Zaida Blog!  As you can see on our About page:

"The purpose of Ballet Zaida is to expose the world to ballet, and to evolve the art of ballet itself."

With this blog we hope to give our fans and readers a peek into the lives of our dancers.  The posts will focus on the dancers' lives outside the studio and will show many of the exciting things they get to do because of their chosen career.   It will also talk about the dancer's passions, from the environment, to shopping, to cooking, to their pets!

Our regular contributors will of course be our Ballet Zaida Affinities.  You can learn about each of them here.  Be sure to follow Ballet Zaida and the Affinities on social media to get updates on their posts.  We also plan to have guest contributors who will tell us about exciting projects they are up to.

For now there will be two posts a week.  One on Monday and one on Thursday.  Check back and enjoy your visit to